Our Hospital


Our host hospital for inpatient care (investigation and treatment) is ‘Hygeia’ Hospital (Athens, Greece).
Existing facilities at ‘Hygeia’ Hospital allow for a comprehensive management of all spinal problems. Precise diagnosis and effective treatment are brought about using present-day diagnostic technology such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (state of the art ‘open’ MRI scanner is available on site) along with specialised diagnostic techniques such as discography and selective nerve root and facet blocks for identifying the underlying source of symptoms in ‘difficult’ cases.
High-tec facilities are also available for carrying-out modern spinal surgical techniques (such as kyphoplasty and total disc replacement) as well as minimally-invasive spinal surgery such as microdiscectomy, percutaneous Laser discoplasty and radiofrequency ablation of nerve branches for chronic lower back pain.

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